IATA Travel & Tourism Foundation Diploma

( IATA Travel & Tourism Foundation Diploma )

Iata  foundation Certificate
Iata foundation Certificate
* Who should attend:
This course is recommended for:
– New comers to travel & tourism industry
– Travel agents
– Airline reservation agents
– Tour operators
– Call center agents
* Key topics :
– The travel and tourism industry and the travel professional
– Geography in travel planning
– Travel documents and departure formalities
– Travel and tourism products and services
– Airline Industry Essentials* Hotels * Car Rental * Cruise Ships * Tour Packages * Customer Services *       Social media
– Air fares , ticketing ( Manual ) and GDS functionality ( Amadeus / Sabre/ Galileo )
This course combines textbook and e-learning materials. A CD-ROM is included in this course study kit,. Offered in partnership with UFTAA. Endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors (CITC).
This Diploma also qualify you to apply to Canadian and American Skilled Worker emigration.
Diploma duration: 100-110 hours in 3 Months.
Diploma Enrollment Deadline: 2 December
Diploma International Exam Date : March
Exam Results: April

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